The antibiotic casebook

The practice of medicine on the front lines is a challenging mixture of science and art. At times it is like doing stand-up improvisation. Your patients present with a previously unknown scenario and you have to react without rehearsal in immediate real time.  As a practitioner you are being pressed by increasing regulations and pushed toward statistical goals apparently representing “good care.” Patients at the same time are demanding all of the new treatments and investigations available (as presented on the Internet and in the lay press).  Many of our patients fit easily within these practice parameters but many do not and it is with the latter in mind that the following scenarios are offered here and in the next two issues. The names and antibiotic flavors are fictitious but the stories are as real as daily practice. Many of you will be able to immediately put your own names on the participants. Read the rest of this entry »

The Truth About Exercise, Part 4

Points to Remember
To recap, here are some points to remember when making exercise a permanent part of your lifestyle: Read the rest of this entry »

The Truth About Exercise, Part 3

Your body does not want to change; and every time you exercise, you force it to change, particularly when you first start to work out. Your body is not defenseless in this process. Science has started to discover the link between the brain and the body. In a nutshell, this is how the process works. Read the rest of this entry »

Eating for travel

I am an actress who works for a touring theatre company. I’ll spend up to four months in a row on the road, living in hotels, and eating pretty much whatever we can find for as little money as possible. I do carry a small cooler and usually have access to a microwave for dinner, but other than that, I’m eating from restaurants. Read the rest of this entry »

The Truth About Exercise, Part 2

Every one of these of people (millions) could have prevented or significantly reduced the risk of developing the condition they now have if they would have only exercised. Every one! Unfortunately, they cannot blame anyone but themselves. Once again, if you don’t regularly and consistently exercise, you will more than likely become a member of one or more of these groups. Read the rest of this entry »

The Truth About Exercise, Part 1

High blood pressure – (your name here), high cholesterol – (your name here) , diabetes – (your name here) , cancer – (your name here) , stroke – (your name here), osteoporosis – (your name here), and the list goes on and on…. Do I have your attention? If not, just go ahead and sign your name next to one or more of the conditions listed above and make sure your medical insurance is paid; you are going to need it. Read the rest of this entry »

Stress May Affect Food Choices

Stress may contribute to ”emotional eating” – eating foods that are high in fat and calories to cope with stressful situations – according to findings published in the November/December issue of Psychosomatic Medicine. Read the rest of this entry »

Step Three

The next issue is related to choice. At the core of anything you do is a choice. You choose to get up in the morning and go to work. You choose to brush your teeth, iron your clothes, and wash your car. Everything is a choice. The key to exercising regularly is making that choice, not daily, but only once. Read the rest of this entry »

There’s Only one Winner

No matter how hard you try and no matter how badly you want it, in sports or in nearly any game, there is only one winner. I’m not going to try to convince you that winning isn’t the object of the game. It is. If it were not, there would be no reason to keep score. If you enjoy sports, I’m sure you actually thrive on the competition. It’s one of the things that drives you to succeed. Read the rest of this entry »

Jen’s Journal: Week 18. Part 2

Dear Jen,

Your weight has stayed the same, but I am concerned that before long, you will see it increase. I noticed a bit more sweets, such as mint chocolate-chip ice cream, regular Cokes, candy, cranberry bread, scones, etc., in your diet. Read the rest of this entry »