Contraception. Part 2

Intrauterine devices are small plastic devices that a healthcare provider places in the uterus. IUDs work by preventing implantation. Once in place, they are good for anywhere from one year to eight, depending on the type of IUD you choose.

Surgical sterilization may be an option for those who are absolutely sure they do not want more children. Male sterilization — known as a vasectomy — closes the tubing through which sperm reach the penis. Female sterilization — called tubal ligation — seals off the fallopian tubes so eggs cannot reach the uterus. Although it is sometimes possible to reverse surgical sterilization, the procedure should be considered permanent.

Whatever birth control method you and your partner choose, remember: no birth control method is effective unless you use it correctly. Consider your lifestyle and habits. What method of birth control are you most likely to use regularly? Are you likely to plan ahead, or are you more impulsive? Are you organized, or do you have to be reminded to do things?

As with all health issues, it is best to discuss your birth control options with your healthcare provider. He or she can answer your questions and make sure you get the regular healthcare you need.

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