Eating for travel

I am an actress who works for a touring theatre company. I’ll spend up to four months in a row on the road, living in hotels, and eating pretty much whatever we can find for as little money as possible. I do carry a small cooler and usually have access to a microwave for dinner, but other than that, I’m eating from restaurants. I was wondering if there’s any advice on eating healthier in my very transient lifestyle, or diet ideas that include ready-to-eat foods that are easy to transport. Thanks for any advice you might have.

Eating on the run can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to. I recommend you carry items such as peanut butter, whole grain crackers, dried fruit, nuts, lowfat granola bars, lowfat refried beans, tortillas, high fiber cereal, individual boxes of soymilk (for calcium – and they don’t require refrigeration),100% juice boxes, applesauce cups and even instant rice dishes that can be made in the microwave just by adding water. Any healthful food that is not very perishable can make for a great snack or even part of a meal.
At restaurants I recommend loading up on fresh salads and lean meats, as these are items that can’t easily be transported. If you have the opportunity try to keep a stock of fresh fruit that lasts a while, such as apples and oranges.
Good luck out on the road!

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