Jen’s Journal: Week 18. Part 1

This week did not go so well. I think that I hurt my back painting the ceiling, so I was unable to lift weights, exercise or do much of anything. My diet was a bit strange as I’ve been at home rather than at work, so I have different eating habits. I find I eat more frequently during the day than I do when I am at work, but maybe overall I am breaking even on calories by snacking during the day instead of going out to lunch at a restaurant, as I had been. The week ended with a friend’s party, where I indulged in chocolate torte, barbecued ribs and dinner rolls with butter.
On the exercise front, I started the week with good intentions (strength training and hiking) but the back injury definitely sidelined me. Hopefully next week I’ll be back in form.

Armand’s Reply


You certainly got in more exercise than you give yourself credit for — the four days of hiking at 50 minutes each were great. Now you just need to get your weight training up to at least two, preferably three days per week, in order to reap the benefits. How do you like your Total Gym, by the way?

And how about the stretching? Are you ending every workout with the Basic 10 stretches? I hope so; it will help your back, too!

Speaking of your back, it is common for people to feel sore after performing an activity they aren’t accustomed to because they are working muscles they don’t normally work in that way. Painting the ceiling is definitely an activity that can lead to back pain. Again, do your stretches and see how they make you feel.

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