Jen’s Journal: Week 18. Part 2

Dear Jen,

Your weight has stayed the same, but I am concerned that before long, you will see it increase. I noticed a bit more sweets, such as mint chocolate-chip ice cream, regular Cokes, candy, cranberry bread, scones, etc., in your diet. Also, four eggs contain about 20 grams of fat — and on weekends, fats can add up fast. Even humus can be too much if the rest of your diet is too caloric. It is the also the season for more alcohol, so in order to enjoy it, trim those calories elsewhere. Be careful of all the holiday treats — have some, but then try to compensate by eating fewer starches at a meal or snacking a little less.

When you are stuck at home, try to keep an eating schedule similar to your workday. Otherwise, you might find yourself nibbling unconsciously. At home, always eat at the table. This will increase your food awareness. If you can get throughout the holidays at the same weight, consider that a success!

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