Medicines to Relax the Muscles

A torn muscle may be very crippling and have a bad influence on your everyday lifestyle, however there are things you can do to help the problems of a torn muscle. As with many medical issues, you must always talk to your doctor if you feel very bad pain, because there may be a reason that there is some other underlying problem. If you suffer from a torn muscle, give some of these safe, effective remedies a try to help relieve some of the pain and swelling related to the torn muscle.

It is wise to use an OTC medicine like Tylenol or ibuprofen if your muscle is torn, to help take away some of the pain and inflammation connected with your injured muscle. If the pain you are experiencing is very bad, you should go to a doctor so he can give your a stronger prescription for pain medicine such as a potent anti-inflammatory pill. If you would rather not visit a doctor, you can buy a generic version of Naproxen, which is an anti inflammation medicine used to help with swelling near the inflamed location. Additionally, taking aspirin or various pain medicine may be wiser than visiting a doctor, unless the pain doesn’t decrease with using OTC pain medicine.

Some muscle relaxant medications may help you, so you may want to see your doctor who could prescribe some for you if you have a torn muscle. Basically, muscle relaxant medicines won’t get rid of the inflammation completely, however it will help the torn muscle relax so it can recover quicker. Medicines to relax the muscles are basically effective to eliminate pain somewhat, since it will promote blood circulation to the muscles which brings more oxygen in the blood stream and will assist with basic stiffness as well as soreness of the injured muscle. You don’t need a prescription for muscle relaxing medicines.  However, it is helpful if you are experiencing a lot of pain or you are having trouble sleeping or performing activities involved in daily living. Similar to many prescriptions, you must always be careful when you drive or use machines because dizziness and drowsiness might be a side effect of muscle relaxants.

Torn muscles can be remedied using an ice and heat treatment. For a few days after the muscle is torn and after the initial tear, ice and heat are frequently encouraged. When you apply ice as a remedy, the suggested duration is for 20 minutes at a time applied several times during the day. Remember, 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. It can be done as many times a day as you would like to do it; the ice therapy works great.

One of the best things for a torn muscle is rest. Certainly this seems to be the ideal solution, but many people don’t remember that torn muscles typically get injured by doing too much or putting more stress on your body than it can handle. Rest is usually one of the best treatments for an injury like a torn muscle, since it allows the injured muscle time to heal correctly without risking another injury or tear.

So that it will not lose the muscle mass or become weak, torn muscles will also need to be exercised. Your doctor may suggest physical therapy to help you heal more quickly and avoid atrophy. The truth is that although you should be resting, you have to move the injured muscle a little bit to help it recover more quickly and to be certain your muscle mass or bone density doesn’t decrease when you don’t use your muscle for a long time. If you have an extremely bad torn muscle, you can use water therapy to enhance recovery and decrease inflammation, as an alternative to medicine.

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