My April Fool’s Day Joke of a Run The Promise of April Denied Post 2

After all, as a runner who loves good weather, it is my sworn duty to find idyllic weather whenever possible, reserving snow and rain for the purely functional purpose of training so that I might be a very tough runner too. Well, I didn’t want to be tough today; I wanted that excellent weather, and I did not get to see a bit of it.

It was above freezing, and the snow will melt as soon as it stops, but this cannot correct the horrible crime that is lake effect snow in April. Worse still, I had actually put much of my winter running gear into boxes so that I could give it away, and my warm-up this morning consisted of re-opening boxes and re-taping them once I had removed what I needed.

The promise of April, however, is not completely lost. As I alluded to earlier, this month often gets off to an iffy start. Indeed, I can remember several Tiger games where, in the middle of the fourth or fifth inning usually, it began to snow a little, and the fans were bemused but loyal. That is approximately how the snow made me feel; bemused because it was there, but alas, the loyalty to running was far stronger, therefore I choked on my own vanity and ran in the snow. Now that I finally realize that, I suppose I feel a little better about the adverse conditions that appear at inopportune moments of the year.

I actually waited a few hours, so it is now late afternoon and the snow is all gone and the sun is peaking out from between the high gray clouds of this first day of April. This is the April I wanted to run in, the one I wanted to begin with, but it is too late now.

It has been about five hours since my run, so I can only get out there and enjoy the remainder of the day as a pedestrian. Well, I suppose I could put in a few extra miles, but I do like variety in my modes of exercise, so a bicycling tour sounds good about now.

If only my bike were not 12 years old and held together with tape and bailing wire, I might just take myself up on this offer. As it is, all I can do is wait until tomorrow and hope that it is a far more April-ish day than was today.

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