Pheromones That Attract Females

Why do we feel an animal attraction towards certain members of the opposite sex? It is very distinct and powerful by itself, and is mostly not able to be controlled or resisted. Most people have heard this one word but don’t ask questions about how authentic it is. Pheromones. The animal attraction between two humans is driven by pheromones. This attraction is the coup d’etat of our sexual essence.

Pheromones send airborne messages to trigger a response from one member of the opposite sex to the other, and are found in all insects, animals, and humans. The secretion of pheromones determines sexual behavior and attraction by the opposite sex. According to reports, when two people get together and both are secreting pheromones, you can’t help but notice they’re sexually attracted to each other.

Many of the perfumes for sale today have made use of pheromones created to bolster sexual attraction between the sexes. Pheromones are a very popular aphrodisiac as well as a love formula. Pheromones was one of the first fragrances for women with this reputation, specifically known for the ability it had at enhancing what was already there. It is a robust fragrance, to be applied quite moderately and is best put on when it is rather cool. It is very strong but it is known to send a powerful message with its pheromone level. Pheromones are not only in fragrances for women, but are also found in colognes for men. Something that is interesting to note is that despite the fact that women love a man that smells good, the male pheromone Androstenone that is meant to lure women comes from the men’s sweat glands.

In March 2002, an news report showed that research conducted at San Francisco State University discovered a 45% higher rate of attraction to females that had on fragrance made with pheromones. It also indicated an elevation, by 56%, of sexual attention to women from men. Also, 83% of females said there was more kissing, touching, sexual relations, and cuddling closer while sleeping with their mate and they also had more dates.

What this boils down to is that we may be sexually aroused and excited by the smell of certain members of the opposite sex. Did you ever spend time with a special person, finding the smell of the skin, their odor, was just completely mesmerizing to you? There was just no way to get enough of him or her. That’s what I’m referring to. At that moment you are 100% into the very essence of that person.

Hence, notice what you are feeling the next time you feel an abrupt and powerful sexual attraction toward someone. Just go along with it and have fun. Not everyone feels this with everyone. It’s selective. Anybody that has been in the situation knows what I’m talking about. If you haven’t been through this yet, just go on with your life. Your turn will come someday.

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