Precision Operations

Precision throughout your facility can save thousands of dollars. How are your cleaning productsmeasured? “Guesstimating” may do the job just fine, but may likely overdose the floor.

For example, if cleaning the locker rooms requires a 5-gallon bottle of all-purpose cleaner per week, costing $20 per gallon, that adds up to $5,200 per year. If you discover that your locker room attendants are guesstimaters, and, on average, they are using 25 percent more fluid than necessary, in raw terms, that means from every 5-gallon bottle, 1.25 gallons is wasted. That amounts to 62.5 gallons per year, or around $1,260.

Club managers can also contribute tosavings. For the career-minded, waste-wise management can pay off with recognition for running lean and high-service operations.

If future prospective employers say they cannot meet your salary needs, but after an analysis of the club’s operations you propose that an annual waste-saving of $75,000 is possible, lock that into a performance/waste-elimination bonus.

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