Ryan’s Introduction. Part 2

The family enjoys a number of activities together. We camp frequently and visit state parks on a regular basis. We have taken up skiing over the last two years. The family enjoys traveling, and for vacations we have been to Florida (Walt Disney World), New Mexico, the Caribbean, Colorado and the UK. We also golf as a family.

I used to be more personally active in the past. My activities and exercise have decreased with the birth of the boys. I used to hunt and fish regularly, and I participated in basketball and baseball teams. For a two-year period I was running on average of 20 miles per week. Work and the boys have made it more difficult to maintain much personal time.

Over the past five to six years, my weight has increased from about 210 to 255 pounds. I have been working to reduce in earnest since early April. To date I have been able to drop about 30 pounds. This has been on a strictly diet basis. I have begun to work out regularly in the last week. My goal is to reach around 200.

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