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The Mind and Body Connection. Part 1

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Our self-membranes should not be too tightly sealed, because we require constant inflow from the ground to renew and sustain our vitality. The infinitely abundant ground is our life force”. -John E. Nelson

Our mental and physical states are intimately linked. Illness and imbalances experienced in our culture today are epidemic. These imbalances develop through a combination of a frailty between the body- mind connection as well as a culmination of negative collective and personal imprints on the psyche and spirit, throughout this life time and lifetimes past. Carolyn Myss in “Anatomy of the spirit” has profound things to say about the effects our thoughts have on our physical well-being. Some of this can be attributed to the disassociation we’ve acquired to our ecosystem, which we all have a bond to, and the cycles that are inherent in nature. (more…)