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Motivating for Success

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

There’s no doubt that motivation is key to exercise adherence. All of us have internal and external motivators. Our internal motivators consist of such things as personal goals, like fitting into that cocktail dress and achieving that ever-sought-after muscle definition, or lifestyle goals, such as making exercise a substitute for a bad habit like smoking or just plain laziness. To help us stick with exercise, fitness professionals can often influence our internal motivators, and even help us to identifywhat they may be, but they can even better influence our external motivators — those things that keep us going in the moment, while we’re actually exercising. These motivators include instructors whose example and enthusiasm make us finish the class and return for another, or the music to which we’re listening that keeps us running one more mile and then another and another. (more…)

Book Proposal

Monday, May 17th, 2010

The demand for coffeetable volumes is pretty darned steady. Here I pitch one such volume that ought to be on a number of wish lists.

I thought it apropos, if not timely, to offer an inspired coffeetable concept: writers reviewing music. Recently, a similarly conceived opus gave writers an opportunity to talk about films of their choosing. But I have in mind a more forced enterprise in the sense that the editor (for now, me) gives the writers their task explicitly. (more…)