The Effects of Back Pain

Back pain can range from mild morning stiffness to severe and debilitating pain that interrupts everyday physical activities at work and at home. Back-pain sufferers often report back spasms, cramping, aching and difficulty moving. In some cases, the pain is so intense that posture is twisted.
What Are the Emotional Effects of Back Pain?

People who suffer from back pain often are treated as if they are making up their symptoms. Unsympathetic bosses or family members may say, “it’s all in your head”. Such doubt from those close to you can be emotionally troubling at a time of intense physical pain. Back pain can be even more difficult to bear without the support of friends and family.

Seeking professional help for an aching back can be a daunting experience, as well. Because an exact diagnosis is difficult, if not impossible, for even the most knowledgeable healthcare providers, different doctors may offer different explanations for the pain. To add to the confusion, some insurers will question a patient’s claim after several visits to doctors, and refuse to pay for treatments. For a person in pain, these can be upsetting — and depressing — experiences. However, being educated about your condition will enable you to ask your doctor the right questions and get the answers you need to put your mind at ease while your back heals.

What Are the Effects of Back Pain on Family and Friends?

Living with someone who suffers from back pain can be frustrating as well. Family members may be disturbed or annoyed at the patient’s inability to perform even simple tasks such as getting out of bed.

Co-workers also will be affected by the patient’s absence from work or limited ability to complete his or her job. Back pain is the number one cause of disability for people under age 45, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Because it is so common, back pain not only directly affects millions of people each year, but also indirectly affects families, communities and the economy.

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