The Energy of Life. Part 1

All matter is energy. Albert Einstein showed us this with his famous equation E=MC2. Scientists today measure and map electromagnetic energy fields, indeed produce and manipulate artificial energy fields. We are continuously surrounded by and permeated with these many energies in our daily lives. There has been concern about continued exposure to artificial energy fields, such as computer terminals, microwave appliances, and high-voltage power lines. Although not yet proven, it is thought by many that this exposure is detrimental and disruptive to human cellular processes. But we can choose to counteract these “negative” energies just as we can choose to engage in “positive” energies.

Human beings, being matter after all, produce our own electrically charged energy fields. We see evidence of this in modern medical diagnostics. The MRI (magnetic resonance imagery) uses magnetism at various locations, directions, and amplitudes to ‘draw’ the human body’s charged ions, creating a resonance which is then translated into a computerized image of internal structures.

Another method for imaging human energy fields is the Kirlian photograph, which records through a special lens the energy surrounding the body. We often refer to this energy as an “aura” and it not only permeates the physical field, but extends far beyond it as well. This aura is actually made up of several layers of energy, all interconnected and interactive, and resonating quite colorfully through specialized equipment.

But where does this energy come from and where do the human soul and personality exist within this energetic system? Think back to your basic chemistry class. Our physical bodies are made up of millions and billions of single atoms. Each single atom has electrons in constant motion around a nucleus. This perpetual motion creates a vibrational energy pattern, much like a whirling propeller becomes a visual field instead of individual blades.

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