The Energy of Life. Part 2

These single atoms, along with their vibrational patterns, combine to form molecules, cells, tissues, organs, systems, and whole beings. And just as that whirling propeller interacts with the environment to create a new energy pattern, so our energy fields interact with all other universal energies, endlessly creating and recreating patterns.
But human beings are much more than spinning electrons and random interactions of cosmic energy. It is conscious intent that motivates and steers us in life both in a physical sense and in an energetic sense as well. It is consciousness that creates the astral, or non-physical, layers of our existential being.

Humans have a vital life force, an intellect and soul, which intertwines with the physical body and projects subtle layers of energy far beyond. This life force, our conscious existence, is our true source of health and happiness. By nurturing and magnifying our life force through attention to the body, mind, and spirit, we create sound physical health, sharpened intellectual and intuitive skills, profound self-esteem enhancement, and a deeper, more meaningful spiritual connection than we ever dreamed possible. In a very real sense our biography becomes our biology.

Wellness is not the absence of disease. It is the understanding that our life force, on all levels, is the true source of health or illness, regardless of physical symptoms or emotional manifestations. By engaging daily in positive, consciously-directed energy we awaken the life force of our body-mind-spirit, bringing sources of conflict to the surface for true healing of the whole self.

Nutritious foods, herbs, and fluids energize our cellular bodies while exercise tones and strengthens our physical structure. Meditation and quiet contemplation stills the ego and brings clarity of thought and intent. Awareness of our own vibrational patterns allows us to expand our astral selves, connecting us, profoundly and eternally, with universal energy and with our source of higher power, as we perceive it.

Health and wellness is a process, not an end result. Maintaining balance within our energetic systems takes practice and dedication. Holism involves finding the path to healing and connection that’s right for you. Following the path brings strength, harmony, and validation for the ebb and flow we call life.

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