Why and How You Can Damage Your White Teeth

This article describes why and how you can damage your teeth by eating certain foods.

Most people never think about or even realize the possible damage that can be done to their teeth while gorging themselves with tasty chocolate bars and potato chips. You could find it hard to believe which foods aren’t good for your teeth, especially those that are truly horrible to tooth enamel. Tooth decay is a serious concern due to these loathsome pests known as bacteria that live and banquet around your mouth. In the absence of diligent care, the bacteria will banquet on the gummy material known as plaque that sticks to your teeth anytime after you eat or drink something. You will find that some foods are responsible for depositing more plaque on your teeth than others do, while some foods will actually kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay. The way to maintain your teeth in top shape is not only through brushing and flossing on a regular basis, but also making certain to include or not include certain foods in your diet if at all possible.

While we tend to blame candy as the primary cause of tooth decay, carbohydrate-rich food is the one responsible for leaving the coat of plaque on our teeth. One of the major culprits of tooth decay is potato chips. The plaque left behind after eating chips produce a holiday feast for bacteria. Candy, as well, can contribute to tooth decay just like any sugary food, but not quite like carbohydrates, which bacteria love. While sugar is a carbohydrate, potato based products are the number one source of carbohydrates. If you neglect to brush your teeth each time after eating potato chips or candy, you are leaving a feast for the bacteria that generate destructive acids in your mouth. If you cannot control your craving for foods full of carbohydrates, you are sure to get hit with some tooth decay. With a toothbrush, you can fight off the bacteria, but unless you take the brush with you everywhere you go, the bacteria will always win out.

A number of experts blame coffee and sugar-laden drinks like cola. While such products contain sugar, the only fact scientists could verify is if you drink soda and coffee and don’t take care of your teeth, you will end up with stained teeth. Teeth whitening products are available to help you remove the stains. Also you can get similar results with other non-prescription products. Whitening your teeth by yourself is the easiest to do now. While soda can stain your teeth, it’s not anymore harmful to tooth enamel than a piece of candy.

You can prevent tooth decay by being diligent about what you put into your mouth. If you take care of your teeth and what foods you consume, you can be assured that you can avoid getting cavities or gum diseases. While combating the cravings for potato chips and candy can be extremely difficult, your overall health will improve if you stop eating these items. You must observe a strict teeth whitening regimen if you refuse to avoid the snacks.

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